About GNT Kids Founder Olessia Dultsin

Olessia first became interested in the NYC kindergarten admissions process when her son was three years old.  After researching neighborhood schools, she realized that the best education her son could get would be at a district or citywide gifted and talented school.  Realizing that he would need to go through rigorous testing to be eligible, Olessia did an exhaustive study of all the materials available for G & T test preparation.  After educating herself, she spent the next few months working with her son on such subject areas as analogies, matrices, and pattern recognition. He subsequently scored in the 99th percentile on the test and was accepted to NEST+m, a selective public gifted school in Manhattan. This year her younger son Sam also scored in the 99th percentile, and will join his older brother at NEST+m in September.

Since 2008, Olessia has used her background in education and her personal knowledge and experience to help other children get ready for the first test of their lives. With her guidance, many have been accepted into district and citywide gifted programs.

Olessia holds BA in Early Childhood Education and MA in Educational Administration from New York University Steinhardt School.