Preparation for NYC Gifted and Talented Exam

including the new NNAT-2 test for 2012-2013 testing season

We prepare pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade children for the gifted and talented exam required for admission to NYC public school G&T programs.

The test consists of two parts: the OLSAT and NNAT-2 tests.  The OLSAT (Otis –Lennon School Ability Test) measures verbal, quantitative and figural reasoning skills.  The test has two verbal and two non-verbal sections.  The verbal section (verbal comprehension and verbal reasoning) assesses students’ receptive language skills (their ability to listen carefully, follow directions and understand the vocabulary used by the test administrator).  The non-verbal section (pictorial and figural reasoning) assesses students’ visual, spatial and mathematical cognition.

The NNAT-2 was introduced by the NYC DOE for the first time for the 2012-2013 G&T testing season.  It measures children’s non-verbal abilities only.  The test consists of 4 different types of non-verbal sections, assessing such skills as pattern recognition, analogical reasoning, serial reasoning, and spatial visualization.  The questions presented on this test do not require test takers to read, write, or speak.